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Welcome to Fells Cove Design!

My studio is located on eastern shores of Lake Sunapee just north of the John Hay Fells Wildlife Refuge.

As a primarily self taught artist, watercolor is my preferred medium. I have always been fascinated by color and light, water, flowers, sailboats, birds and forests. I strive to capture nature's diversity, the stillness of solitude and the perfection of moments. I hope to inspire others to stop, notice, wonder and feel the reverence of nature.

I learned watercolor from an artist friend during the summer of 1978 while living in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. We would go for walks in the desert or mountains, collect objects like feathers, dead birds, stones, sticks and bones, then spend afternoons in her cabin painting those objects. We would paint plein air in the mountains. We were both dealing with the recent death of a parent, and painting and talking, we healed together. We had a show and her mentor, a famous artist, came, looked at my paintings and said to me: "Don't ever stop painting!" I stopped painting of course, but always remembered what he said. So I got back to it in 2001, after I moved back to NH from living out west for 25 years.

Deb FlandersUpon my return, I took on my "biggest art project ever" by designing and building a home with lots of studio space, from which I am getting back to doing art of all sorts. While not doing art, I am the Program Director for the Pats Peak Ski Team in Henniker, N.H. and I work with the Lake Sunapee Protective Association in the summer. My art prints and cards are also available at the Newbury Farmers Market.

Prints are very high archival quality on acid free heavy art paper. All prints are $75.00.

5" x 7" Notecards come in 5 packs of one design for $15. Please indicate which design.

To order prints or cards, please add $8.00 for shipping and handling.

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